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Poetry Room

1 year ago

Forgive My Language

I live in a generation that is unique,
one where good is bad and bad is good,
where being called madam is disrespectful,
while being called a bitch is sweet.
Where swag is the in thing,
and class is for losers.

I dwell in a generation that is bizzare,
one where music no longer soothes,
but encourages fucking and whoring.
Rappers have changed our morals,
now cursing is the in thing,
and being courteous is boring.

I reside in a generation that is confused,
one where ladies who twerk are the role models,
yet our parents are a pathetic example.
Where the thug life is success,
and hardwork is stupid.

I sojourn in a generation that is pathetic,
one where sex is a casual deed,
and those who wait for marriage are idiots.
A generation where pussy is not a cat,
and dick is not someone's name.
A generation where group sex is better,
better than sex between a couple.

I live in a unique generation,
unique in a faulty manner.
I dwell in a bizarre generation,
one that brings tears to my eyes.
I reside in a confused generation,
one that keeps my head turning in shock.
I sojourn in a pathetic generation,
one that leaves my mind in wonder.

1 year ago

The modern balck woman

We have an image,
she has little clothing,
actually it's animal skin,
covering her privacy.
On her head is a cloth,
used to balance it,
the pot with water,
from the river.
But that is no longer her,
she is the boss lady,
that drives the benz,
and lives in a mansion.
She is the busy lady,
that own her bussiness,
and is looked up to,
by her competitors.
She is the iron lady,
that stands among men,
and does a better job,
than they expect.
She is the modern black woman,
dressed in a suit,
with keys in her hand,
and a silver pajero outside.